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I recommend starting with the first cumbia mix as background then going back to the main site.

#1 DJ Rupture's Cumbia Mix (16 mins)
This is a really good overall soundtrack to this site is this cumbia mix courtesy of DJ Rupture which covers a lot of the recent cumbia genre's (like cumbia villera and cumbia dancehall/hiphop hybirds) and ends with some of the traditional Colombian gaitero sounds. For a detailed breakdown of the tracks and complete listing click here!

#2 La Verdolaga (30 second sample)
This is a very short extract of a great example of traditional Colombian folk music by the legendary Toto La Momposina. Interestingly enough this song was recently sampled by hip-hop producer Timbaland for a 50 Cent song!

#3 Cumbia/HipHop Remix (4.5 mins)
A great example of a modern cumbia courtesy of Argentina's Hijo De La Cumbia.

#4 Cumbia De Obama (5 mins)
Listen to the song direct from its source.

#5 Experimental Cumbia Mix (15 mins)
Hijo De La Cumbia's mix takes you to the outer edges of cumbia, mixing electro sounds and effects over cumbia sounds and insturments.

#6 Villa Diamante's DJ mix (70 mins)
This extended hour long DJ mix from Villa Diamante (Argentina) is a modern mix of cumbia/grime/funk/hip-hop/ragga. Go to the XLR8R Website for more information and a tracklisting.


Diplo Online Radio Show special on Cumbia
International globe trotting DJ DIPLO recently gig did a well received radio podcast as part of his online radio show which focused on cumbia and cumbia villera.

Australia Cumbia Track
As mentioned in the Australian Cumbia section, Sydney band Watussi have a great cumiba reggae track "Otra" on their debut album. This track and others from the record are available to listen on their site.

Folkloric Cumbia Samples
As mentioned in the History section of this site, examples of traditional cumbia can be found at this very informative site about Colombian music.

Peruvian Chicha Songs
As mentioned in the Peruvian Cumbia section, one of the best Chicha music albums is avaiaible to listen to here.

Cumbia dancing at a Wedding (source)